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Have you heard of Jolabokaflod? It’s a rather lovely tradition from Iceland, in which every Christmas Eve, people spend the evening reading! Icelanders give each other new books, and enjoy a Christmas Eve with family or friends, cosied up enjoying reading – usually with a hot chocolate, perhaps with carols playing in the background.

Sounds like the perfect evening in, doesn’t it? So yes, we’re adopting Jolabokaflod for our own. No, we don’t know how to pronounce it either.

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Since we adopted Jolabokaflod as a new tradition, we really thought we ought to extend the invitation to you too! Would you enjoy spending Christmas Eve around the fire, exchanging new books with family and frends, then sitting down and reading a page or four. While we've not actually been to Iceland to experience the tradition in its authentic setting, we like to think that there would be other cosy festive elements involved during the evening - perhaps some festive tealights filling the air with warm, spicy scents. Perhaps a sweet snack or two?

This Christmas, we’re SO excited to offer you the same experience – with our Jolabokaflod Box! This was our bestselling Christmas box by a long, long way last year, and we're so glad you've adopted the tradition too! So, let's do this.

Choose a book, add a drink, some delicious fine confectionery and then some artisan scented candles. We’ll wrap things up in festive packaging for you – and you can also add a personalised gift card if you’d like. Happy Jolabokaflod to one and all!

*Please note, this package is shipped in one of our famous glossy gold envelopes, if you prefer to add a luxury gift box, you can do that here.


the most wonderfully festive gift…

 a christmas eve tradition…



 a christmas eve tradition…

happy jolabokaflod!