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It can all get a little bit overwhelming at this time of year, can’t it? The Calm & Tranquility Box is the perfect gift for someone who could do with a little calm and tranquility right now. This thoughtful collection of relaxing gifts promises just that – for the friend who works too much perhaps, a family member who’s run off their feet with childcare or caring duties, or gentle hint to a colleague that might benefit from relaxing and switching off…

Books, beauty products and more – this is a gift to soothe, heal and calm.


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Let's start with The School of Life's CALM cards: 'Every day brings with it temptations to lose our tempers: the behaviour of partners, colleagues, children – and computers. Distractions, worries and fears arise which leave us feeling stressed and unsettled. These Calm prompt cards contain ideas and observations to help us handle these frustrations. Through ironic humour, consoling cultural references, and a small amount of pessimistic wisdom, they help to summon up our best and calmest selves.'  We're feeling more relaxed already...

If you prefer, you can also choose The School of Life's Resilience cards, perhaps the most appropriate gift of 2020... This set of double-sided cards is designed to help us become more confident in the face of adversity; short prompts on one side are accompanied by illustrative photographs on the reverse. These cards are designed to gently remind us that we are far stronger than we imagine.

This gift box also includes Skin & Tonic's Calm Balm: a potent blend of essential oils designed to soothe, heal and comfort, restoring a sense of calm almost instantly when applied gently to temples and pulse points. Add in a set of our long-burning Sensual Tealights to help heal the spirit and create a truly serene ambiance to help switch off all the endless noise. And pair with a delicious cup of T2's soothing Night Time tea: a delicious lemon balm-based tisane with an aromatic, sweet flavour.

Of course, the Calm & Tranquility Box includes a book - and we've got lots of brilliant new reads to choose from. The final element of the Calm Box is a set of luxury skincare brand Patchology's aromatherapy-infused eye gels, which soothe and brighten tired eyes with natural floral extracts and antioxidants. Don't forget to add a gift message if you're sending this to a friend. This gift is sent in a festive padded gold envelope - depending on the dimensions of the book you choose. Questions? Simply drop us a line:

MEET the CALM box

time to relax and unwind…

  take a long, deep breath


the CAlM box

take time to relax…

and some long, deep breaths…