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Six Months


Reading is a bit like meditation, isn’t it? Switch off your phone, ban Netflix for the evening, and make time to read. Our boxes are curated to offer a relaxing reading experience each month, so you can expect a selection of 3-5 unique, thoughtful gifts alongside your book - think delicious chocolates and tea, luxury skincare and elegant stationery.

The books we include are always just-published - so you’re unlikely to come across something you’ve read before. And always in paperback, so they’re practical if you’re someone who enjoys reading on the go. We’re all about modern literary fiction, so expect the very best in contemporary literature, from predominantly female voices. If you’ve been meaning to read more regularly, you’ve come to the right place!

In terms of shipping - that’s included in our subscription price, and our boxes are sent in letterbox packaging. We always ship in the first week of the month, so boxes generally arrive by around the 15th of the month - sign up by the last day of the month to receive the following month’s box, and so on.

Buying a gift? We can include a complimentary gift card with your box, personalised with a message of your choice - or if you’d prefer a handwritten card, there’s a small extra charge. If you need an immediate gift card - please simply email - and we can send across a personalised PDF card ready to send.


reading, redefined…

make time to read, take time for yourself…
make time to read, take time for yourself…

Our Books

Our boxes always include the best in brand new literary fiction - in practical paperback format, perfect for reading on the go - or in the bath…


We’ve got nothing against crime or chick lit, but that’s not what Reposed is all about. Expect to find a carefully-chosen selection of modern literary fiction in our boxes - with a focus on female voices.


No one wants to try and balance an enormous tome while they’re in the bath - much less try to carry one around on their commute. We always include paperbacks - they’re so much more practical, right?


Don’t worry - there’s very little chance you’ll find a book in our boxes that you’ve already read! We always choose titles that have just been published - and sometimes ones that haven’t even been published yet…


We get it - at the end of a long day, it’s hard to switch off, and oh so easy to scroll through social media or stick on another show on Netflix. Our boxes include a selection of gifts to help you relax, with an inspiring, uplifting reading experience…


Luxury face masks, relaxing bath salts and award-winning skincare - think of this as your expert-created kit for instant relaxation.


We include bespoke stationery from time to time - such as  beautiful notebooks for you to jot down inspiration, chic printed postcards or a delicate bookmark or two.


We’ll always include elegant indulgences to enjoy as you read - sophisticated chocolates and biscuits, relaxing herbal teas or fine coffee…


Any questions?

Our member support team are on hand should you have any questions - just leave us a message and we’ll be in touch.