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Face Mask For Advanced Moisture


Skimono’s luxurious Beauty Face Mask for Advanced Moisturisation is a targeted, bio-cellulose sheet mask that utilises naturally-derived bio-cellulose with a three-dimensional matrix structure that has been saturated in a unique serum to maximise absorption capacity. It uses hydrophilic properties able to retain up to 200 times its dry weight in serum with ultra-thin, tightly-woven crystallinity fibres, which closely adhere to every contour of the face for optimum penetration.

High concentrations of low-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid works to attract moisture to skin like a magnet, alleviating dry patches and drastically boosting water retention capabilities for long lasting results. Extract of Damascus Rose Flower and Honey, it neutralises free radical damage and shields against environmental aggressors.

The biosynthetic mask allows skin to breathe, working its magic within 30 minutes to unveil a soft and supple complexion. Skin appears brightened and lifted, with a more even texture that’s perfectly prepped for makeup application. Use before a big event for an instant boost.

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