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Reposed is the UK’s bestselling book subscription for modern women. Literary fiction, luxury beauty products – it’s all you need for an inspiring, uplifting reading experience.


Can I choose what I receive?

No, we carefully curate what you’ll receive – and yes, everyone gets the same book and reading experience.

What can I expect in my box?

You’ll receive a beautiful box containing your brand new book, along with a few extra surprises too – think the very best beauty and lifestyle treats to enjoy while you’re reading. Yes, we’re pretty sure that this is the nicest post you’ll get this month!

What kind of books will I receive?

Modern, literary fiction – think prize list books, and the just-published novels everyone’s talking about by the best contemporary writers. We select our books very carefully as we want to be sure that they’re books we’d recommend to our friends – and ideally ones that you’ll want to recommend and talk about too!

We only include paperbacks as we find they’re easier to take everywhere and get stuck into reading – we love hardbacks, but sometimes they’re just a bit too heavy to carry on a commute.

What if I've read the book before?

Oh no! It might happen. Hopefully it won’t. If it does? Books make great gifts! And it’s always interesting to reread a book too.

How much is Reposed?

From £10 per month plus P&P.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes! You can sign up for a rolling monthly subscription (which you can stop any time), priced at £10 plus P&P – or you can go for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, which gets you an extra discount too.

Can I buy Reposed as a gift?

Of course – and a subscription makes an amazing gift, plus we’ll include a personalised card too!

What a nice person you are – expect a monthly phone call or text from the person you’ve gifted Reposed to.

Can I send a gift card?

Of course – please make sure you order by the penultimate WORKING day of the month and we’ll send a card with your order. Don’t forget to add a message!

Can I buy past boxes?

Sorry, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

How can I pay?

Credit card, debit card or PayPal are the options we offer. Maybe one day you’ll be able to pay us in shoes or Champagne, but for now, we’re keeping things simple.

When will I pay?

If you purchase a recurring subscription, it’ll be every month on the same date. Otherwise you’ll pay for the whole subscription at once – it’s up to you. We close orders on the last working day of the month – so March 31st, for example

When will I receive my box?
We send boxes in the first week of each month (to arrive by roughly the 15th), so you’ve got ages to read, review and discuss your book! Orders for Europe generally take up to 20 days and for North America can take a little longer.

For example, if you order from March 1st – 31st, your box will be sent in the first week of April. Orders made in April will receive a box in approximately the first week of May, and so on

Do I need to sign for delivery?

No, no need to sign for delivery - and we use letterbox packaging FYI.

Do you offer returns?
No sorry, we don’t – we hope you’ll love your box!
Can I speak to customer service?
Sure, simply email
I'd like to cancel my subscription...
Oh NO! You can do this by logging in to your account and cancelling your subscription. If you pay via PayPal, you may need to cancel there too.

Please ensure you cancel before the date your payment is due – i.e. if you pay on March 15th, you’ll need to cancel by March 14th in order to ensure your subscription is cancelled and you don’t receive the following month’s box. Please email should you have any questions!

We’re sorry - we cannot cancel prepaid subscriptions.

I need to change my address, HELP!
No problem! Please send us a quick email to and we can update that. Lost boxes make us SAD.
Do you deliver internationally?
Just to Europe and North America for now!
Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?
We aren’t a vegan book box, but generally more than 50% of our boxes include vegan treats. All of our beauty products are cruelty-free.
What's the value of the box?
As a general rule, our boxes have a value of £25-35, this is different each month.
Help! Something is missing from my box...

Oh no - we’re so sorry! These things don’t happen often, but our boxes are packed by human beings. If something is missing either from your monthly subscription box or from a bespoke gift box, please get in touch and we’ll sort this out ASAP.

Please make sure you get in touch within 28 of delivery, by emailing - unfortunately we can’t do anything after this time.

I've got a question - how can I get in touch?

Email us here with any questions (within reason) and we’ll do our best to get back you to ASAP.

I'm a brand/publisher and I'd like to work with you.

Email us here – we’d love to talk.

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